Vase Of Transformation is dedicated to maintaining quality programs where volunteers can unlock their potential and learn from each other in a supportive environment. We provide services to the general public and we would not be able to provide added value services to them without the time, energy, and commitment of volunteers.

We aim:

  • To enable volunteers to develop and contribute to all areas of the work of V.O.T.
  • To offer a more holistic and varied experience to volunteers.
  • To work to ascertain volunteer requirements and roles to develop service potential.
  • To offer a variety of quality volunteer opportunities to encourage members of local and overseas communities to volunteer in V.O.T and thus gain an understanding of our work.

We achieve this through:

  • Working closely with volunteers to assess requirements and role development
  • Providing thorough induction, selection, and training programs for all volunteers.
  • Matching volunteers’ skills with roles to ensure they are exploring their full potential.
  • Striving to maintain best practices in our work with volunteers.

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