Every month, millions of adolescent girls from marginalized communities continue to face real and profound menstrual health and hygiene management challenges. Due to a lack of funds to purchase proper sanitary pads, they resort to using pieces of old rags, old and unclean T-shirts, leaves, polythene bags, toilet paper, some dig menstrual holes where they seat during their periods instead of a sanitary towel, and others share a reusable sanitary pad with their relatives which increase the risk of venereal transmitted diseases. A culture of shame and embarrassment has forced them to keep silent about this practice which is responsible for a significant proportion of illnesses and infections associated with female reproductive health. Rags that are unclean cause urinary and vaginal infections. Very often serious infections are left untreated. This is a common incident in most slums and rural areas. Menstruation health and hygiene management remain a daunting challenge in the lives of many adolescent girls and women.

Vase of Transformation provides hands-on training to adolescent girls and young women in the local Communities to independently make, clean, and maintain their reusable sanitary pads to improve girls’ access to effective, sustainable, affordable, eco-friendly, and safe menstruation products. And we also provide a health booklet that contains information about safe menstrual hygiene practices and other health issues.

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